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Centrifuges, Belt Presses, Screw Presses, Plate & Frame Presses; Gravity Belt and Rotary Drum Thickeners; Drum, Belt, Paddle and Fluid Bed Sludge Dryers, Perforated Plate and Drum Screens and Washing Presses

(Central & East Tennessee) 

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers, High Speed Turbo Blowers, Positive Displacement Blowers

(Central & East Tennessee)

Package Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants in Aluminum Tanks.

Venturi Flow Meters

(Central & East Tennessee)

Biological Odor Control Systems

Biogas Cleaning Systems and Combined  Heat & Power (CHP) systems producing “green” electricity

Supersaturated Dissolved Oxygen and  Ozone Systems, Odor & Corrosion Control (Central & East Tennessee)

UV Disinfection Systems & GAC  Media

Roll-Off Dumpster Container Handling Systems, Cranes & Hoist

Renewable Energy Development Company Specializing in Turn-Key Solar and Renewable Natural Gas Projects (Central & East Tennessee)

Anco Mixers, Flocculators & Tube  Settlers

Pump Control Valves, Ball, Swing Check, Pressure Reducing, RIKO Plunger, Double Offset Butterfly, Altitude, Plug Valves

Floating Brush Aerators

(Central & East Tennessee)

Headcell, GritKing & Teacup Grit Systems, Sludge Degritting, Grit Dewatering Systems, CSO Systems w/ Reg-U-Flo® Vortex Valve, Storm King® , Hydro- Static® Screens (Central & East Tennessee)

Rotary Lobe & Screw Blowers

(Central and East Tennessee)

Discfilter, Actiflo, Biostyr,

AnoxKaldness MBBR, OxDitch,

MBR’s, Solar & Thermal Drying

Exelys Thermal Hydrolysis

Screw Conveyors, Shaftless Screw  Conveyors, Belt, Bucket & Drag Conveyors, Vertical Screw Conveyors

Filter Underdrains, Sweeps, Troughs, Media, Controls, Clari-Vac & Clari-Trac,  Packaged Water Plants, DAF Systems (Central & East Tennessee)

FRP Flat & Domed Covers,

Weirs, Baffles, Tanks, Troughs,


Plate Settlers, Tube Settlers & Sludge Collector Systems, Flocculators

Wastewater Dewatering Boxes

(Central & East Tennessee)

Fiberglass Gates, Stop Logs,

Flumes, Metering Manholes,

Skimmers, Troughs,

Weirs/Baffles, Covers/Shelters

Fine Bubble Plate Diffusers & GH Systems Course Bubble Diffusers

Fabricated Stainless Steel & Aluminum Slide & Weir Gates

(Central & East Tennessee)

Continuous Path Conveyors,  

Telescoping Conveyors

(Central & East Tennessee)

Aluminum Covers Both Domed & Flat

Liquid and Dry Polymer Feed Systems

Clarifiers , Gravity Thickeners, Anaerobic Digestion Covers, Mixers, Heat Exchangers,Grit Removal

(Central & East Tennessee) 

Model C Recessed Impeller, Centrifugal, Screw Centrifugal Pumps; Hydrogritter Grit Classifiers

Nanofiltration, Microfiltration, ION Exchange & Pressure Filters

(Central & East Tennessee) 

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